Million Dollar Book Trailer

     How much does it cost to produce a quality book trailer? Iuniverse has several packages ranging from $4k-$20k, depending on how exciting you want it to be.  The first service offers basic photos with what I call the Star Wars scrolling of text and a quick flash with a link to the book in the end.  The more expensive service offers paid actors and looks more like a movie trailer than a book trailer with the big hitch being that they would pitch the trailer for Hollywood production.  Still, I can’t see paying that much UNLESS the book was already a great hit in sales. 

     I’m trying to cover all my bases with marketing since I am being independently published, but I stand firm that I am a WRITER not a marketer or publicist.  I wish I was great at all three.  That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? I feel safe in saying I’m a jack of all trades, master of none (except writing…maybe…read the book and let me know).  I have read that some people write their book then spend two years in marketing and publicity.  Oh my! I would prefer to spend two more years in producing more novels…maybe a vacation.  Tahiti? Fiji? And only, only do I want to go publicizing for two years if I’m doing signings in places like Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, heck even Missouri.  My apologies to any Missourians, but I’m from Southern California and don’t do weather temps less than 73 without complaint.  I’m a weather diva.

      Back to the topic at hand.  I have dabbled at great lengths in movie production from my home computer.  I have used Vegas and Vegas pro as well as some free download software, and for my nursing graduation did some work with  green screen that turned out nice.  I wouldn’t say it was cinematic, but pretty dern good for using a green bed sheet as the background.  So I got to thinking if I really wanted to spend $4K to see some still photos scroll across the screen with words scrolling up.  I feel comfortable in my  skills that I can do better than that…even wth my generic movieware.  So last night I pushed myself to stay up until 1:30am browsing and listening to hundreds of free music downloads which I found at Kevin MacLeod’s There is some fabulous music there.  I was more impressed by his works than any other page I ran into.  I also looked at over 500 royalty free videos from various sites, but I was discouraged by the prices. $79 to download a wave form 12 sec loop, but also to download a 9 sec video of a field on an apparently windless day.  I had to double-check if it was a still photo.  By the end of the night I was exhausted and upset.  I kept track of any videos and photos I might like to use and they came to a total of $500 with limited use. 

      Granted $500 is a far cry from $4k, but I was still upset by the prices.  I had to narrow down my search to essentials and skim on my movie which is just devastating.  I think I may be able to pull it off though.  I have some creativity genes floating around my DNA somewhere.  Regardless, I’m certain it won’t be cinematic, colors, bells and whistles, with great HD quality, but it will do.  Yet, if it’s not up to par to standards that I would be willing to sign off on then I would have lost my investment and be no better for the ware.  Wish me luck.  I’m going for the feel of a million dollar book trailer.  I’ll try to post my progression.  And fingers crossed…book sould come back from content editing this week.  If all goes well, should be a late April release.


3 responses to “Million Dollar Book Trailer

  1. I’ve never seen a book trailer – is that quite common in the States? Sounds brilliant. All the best creating one that hits professional standards!

    • They are fairly new, maybe a decade or so, but really took off in last few years. many websites are devoted just to book trailers so readers can see an action video to help determine if they want to purchase the book. It can make you or break you so it has to be on key. look at and search “book trailers” to see a few.

  2. Book trailers are wonderful ways to promote your book. It also gives a hint if your novel is film-worthy. My own novel had been made into a trailer. Now my company makes book trailers, Watch this one made by us which has hit over 600 views on Youtube:

    My company:

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