Writing made me Fat

     Is that a lame excuse? For a year now I have been waking up most mornings and pushing through some cardio, some light resistance training, Zumba on Wii, and Just Dance Sweat mode on Wii.  But since starting the edit on “Be Still,” I have not done anything remotely close to exercising…save for my walk downstairs to fill up my water cup.  So I put on my pants last night and they fit! Yeah, I know, I say it like its a bad thing.  BUT last month, they were so loose I thought of buying a smaller size.  I wake up early in the morning to edit.  Spend my days sitting down…editing.  Spend my night on the computer editing.  All my hard work down the drain in one month of editing.

     Oh and the snacking has increased, because taking up a bag of cookies is easier than making a sandwhich.  And grabbing fastfood is faster than taking time away from editing to cook.  I have yelled at the book, at the computer, and at my bulging belly.  Thanks boyfriend for you obligatory, “you look prefect to me, Honey.” But I feel plain awful.  I’m torn between getting out of bed to workout and staying in bed to write.  I desperately need to finish this book.  It is becoming my opus.  But it’s also becoming my enemy.  I can’t say just how tired I am of reading this book.  AND i will have to do editing again after it goes to content editing. Sigh! Whimper! Rolling on belly and curling into fetal position in a corner, shivering at the mere sight of that Sony Vaio.

     Writing has turned me into a chubby, hermit who lives in the first door to the right of the second floor (just in case you feel inclined to put me outta my misery).  As i sit here, Chips Ahoy cookie in hand, thoughts of gelato on my mind, still wearing pjs, looking at coupons to Subway, thinking the car is just too far away, I leave you with this thought: Please, please, please buy my book when it comes out so my weight gain won’t be in vain.  Thank you, and frozen Twinkies dipped in raspberry sauce are amazing!


2 responses to “Writing made me Fat

  1. Great post. I always thought that editing was all consuming, but this is different heights. Good luck with making sandwiches and the book.

  2. Thank you. I know now why writer’s pay out so much for having someone else do the editing. It sucks and I still have to do content editing after. Do readers know how much goes into puting out a book? I had no clue.

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