Being Inspired and other snot related topics

     As I sit here, a box of tissues on one side, a cup stained with an airborne ring on the counter, used wads of tissue on the other side, and a Huskyish dog laid across my feet, I find that I want absolutely no part of writing today.  My head is pounding, my nose has found some super-human way to create mucous faster than my body can absorb water to remain in balance and the sneezing fits have reminded me why doing kegels is so important…mental note:start doing kegels.  It is times like these when I stare at the screen, through the one eye that isn’t bogged down and feeling the inflamation of snot behind it, and just tell the voices in my head, “give it a rest already. Geesh.  Even the good Lord took a day off.  Go find a nice spot to nap, maybe behind the medulla, but stay clear of the frontal lobe, it’s pretty back logged from the sinus cavities.” 

     So, today I am taking a break from writing and editing.  Besides, I am still in recovery from frontal lobe overload after taking my pediatric advanced life support class for TWELVE HOURS yesterday.  It was a lovely class though.  And I am now primed and ready to run a pediatric code blue…I pray the day never comes.  But with a soggy brain comes fatigue, and with fatigue comes something every writer dreads: writer’s block.  Well of course it’s blocked!!! A single, independent, creative thought couldn’t possibility penetrate the snot fortress that resides between my eyes.  Yes, yes, I said snot, mucous, and kegels…this is what a sinus attack has leveled me to: four year old topics (except the kegels). 

     When I get writer’s block I have to look to be inspired.  I find inspiration all over, which is nice because where most people see a cat and a dog peeking into a turtle pond, I see an entire story playing out.  Having creative genes is wonderful sometimes.  Where do I get inspired? I listen to music, mainly country music because it has a story line and I can build on that or get ideas.  I also talk nonsense to my oldest son who has a quirky, often times warped, sense of humor and sees things from a very jaded perspective.  One such conversation:

Son: Super Target is far better than a regular Target

Me: Why?

Son: Cause it has the word super in it.

Me: Defend that statement (a term i use to get my kids to defend their thoughts)

And so my son goes on to say that anyone can be a hero at some point in time, but you have to have special powers and abilities to be a Superhero.  And that given the choice between being a villain or a supervillain most the population would choose to be a supervillain.  And going to the market is one thing, but if we want to find my Izze drinks we have to go to the Supermarket or SUPER TARGET therefor anything with the word super in front of it is inherently better.

     I have also had great conversation with the Huskyish dog (half german sheppard half american eskimo=husky looking, short dog).  I mean if you ever want to have a good knock down, drag out therapy session, just talk to your pet.  They are full of antics.  The last conversation with Snookie (the huskyish dog) went like this:

Me: why are you so sad?

Dog: head tilt, raise of eyebrow

Me: Is it because you don’t know whether yo are an American Eskimo or a German Sheppard?

Dog: licks his nose

Me: There are many people…animals…that are mixed races…breeds…but that just makes you special.  I mean, come on, you are an American Eskimo.  You are a native to this land, and i think privy to a few casino rights.  But as a German you have a strong background in history.  I mean Hitler, come one…you could be a direct decendent of Hitler’s dog.  Power combined with casino rights…you could start your own mob. 

Dog: lays down

Me: Yeah (sighs), I’m not sure that German Sheppard was your real father either.  Kind of a buzz kill, isn’t it?

     I was told it was okay to talk to animals as long as they didn’t talk back.  Anyone see that Youtube video gone viral? The one with the talking dog? In my head, all my animals respond like that.  They all have voices, personalities, and specific traits.  And yes, they do talk back to me, but they are so inspiring.  And anyone who says they don’t talk to their pets is sitting on a throne of lies (arbitrary).  Okay, so I find inspiration from music, my family, my pets, and the world around me.  But I also like to browse for new words, because when I come across a fun word I highlight it and copy it into a word doc called, “fun words.” Genius, I know.  But what it does is it helps me to think up new dialogue or descriptions for my story and helps widdle through the writer’s block.

     Here is something I personally do not do for help with block: I do not read someone else’s novel.  The only reason I do not do it during this specific time is because, for me, it is counter productive.  I start to feel bad that I can’t finish what I started and here the author has the audacity to write so eloqunet and seemlessly.  I feel like a failure and suffer from writer’s block remorse and spin down a shame spiral until I’m sitting in bed watching Youtube God of War, how it should have ended, while eating Oreo cookies and telling my cat how lucky she is, then feel even worse when she gets tired of listening to my pathetic life and walks away.  “You’re supposed to be lowering my blood pressure,” I yell as she disappears. 

     Okay, to conclude: pets, family, life, music, and are my inspirations to push past writer’s block.  But, today, I can hardly find the strength to push past the mucous.  So I’m going to design the video to my new book.  If you have any good ideas to get passed writer’s block let me know.  And if you have any cures, legal or otherwise, to clear up the sinuses, I’m down for those too.



A boy and his co-dependent Husky-ish dog


3 responses to “Being Inspired and other snot related topics

  1. Oh, I do love this–battling the same miserable symptoms, not patiently, found the only thing that soothed me was to lie on the couch with my pen and notebook and write poems! Hope you feel much better soon–will check in with you later!

  2. I tried to write, I honestly did, but the accompanying headache won in the end and I fell victim to a Nyquil induced coma. The bad thing about Nyquil…I snore like a bear. the good thing…I have such wonderful, vivid sci-fi dreams that Iget to jot down in the morning. Hope you feel better.

    • Thanks for the huge laugh–snoring like a bear! Yes, I’m starting to feel like I will live to write another day. (I hadn’t thought about writing my dreams lately–hmmm, maybe you’ve pointed me toward a new avenue–gracias!)

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