What’s Blog got to do with it

     I just read this website for new, up-and-coming writers, and one person says, “blogging is for sell-outs.” He also goes on to say that using any form of social media is selling out, and that self publishing of any form is a cop out to not being able to get recognition from a formidable publishing house.  I look at his bio and see he has no books published by said, “formidable,” publishing house, but publishes under another company which is still considered in the literary world to be an indie company (meaning he is self-published).  For kicks and giggles, and because we can all stand to elevate our blood pressure once in awhile, I keep reading.  This man slams, and mean slams with vibrant words that could only be aqcuired using thesaurus.com’s word of the day tool (i’m a subscriber, I know this), blogs in particular.  He seems to hate blogs and calls them a shameless tool used to self promote for people who can not otherwise afford a decent PR person.  After that he links to his “BLOG.” Seriously dude, put down the reefer and give your alter ego a Xanax, which is what I so eloquently commented.

    Here is my position: use the tools you have at your disposal.  the thing about blogging is that it is not an in your face thing.  My blog will not appear on your screen unless you asked it to.  it’s purely opt in, unlike that harassing sales call I received last night on my cell phone.  I say, use all the social media you can..it’s free.  Oh, and by the way, even you could afford a PR person of Jerry Maguire status, the first thing they would do is create several social media accounts. It has been proven to be one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective methods of marketing and publicity.  why anyone would scoff at this is beyond me, and I didn’t have to take a percocet to come to that notion.

     I further delve into this man’s google-search-abilitiness, and find he has a twitter, facebook, youtube, and blogspot account along with google something or other and a home page which over glorifies his self-indulgence, which shamelessly links to every single one of his media outlets.  Geesh, at least I’m forward about my intention to plug my books, “Be Still,” and “When I Thought I was Tough,” which is available for a free read using the link 😉  See how that works? Why knock a gift horse in the mouth.  If you were offered a free car would you saunter away and call it selling out.

     Okay, this is where I get all up on that ten foot soapbox, but hey, I’m not trying to sell tapeworms as a form of curing ulcers and obesity.  I’m giving my honest opinion and essentially selling myself, which I’m proud to do because I’m quite a catch when it comes to my writing (biased?).  So, yes, I will use all forms of social media available because it is available.  However, in the light of it being New Year’s Eve, I will make this firm resolution: I will not spam my friends Facebook pages.  That’s all I have.  If you have gift or talent and that is in blogging and getting your voice out there then I say go for it.  “Atika!” Burn bras (not books).  Fight the power…etc etc.  Most of all, have a safe and wonderful New Year and make sure one of those resolutions is to follow a dream and see it through (not if it includes stalking Brittany Spears…Just leave her alone people!!!) My next post will be an ode to Prozac, where I can combine my nursing and writing skills.  Happy New Year bloggers!!


3 responses to “What’s Blog got to do with it

  1. Great post! I’ve encountered quite a few people, believe it or not, who are anti-blogging, and it seems so pointless. Blogs are a free and wonderful resource for discovering new writers and creating a solid platform. Thanks for writing this, and happy New Year!!

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