Setting Goals

     Today is the start of my developmental editing.  Iam hitting the gates running…NOT! This is awful.  I have to sit and wait for someone to read my manuscript, make his notes, then send them back to me. That could take 3-4 weeks.  Eee gads, what am I supposed to do during that time? This is frustrating.  I suppose I will continue to work on book #3, but I forsee that I’ll have to stop that book when I do the revisions in, “Be Still.” It’s so hard to go between the two.  It’s like switching from forward to reverse.

    But, I am excited.  Very excited.  I can hardly wait to get it all done and out on the market.  It’s like being a kid again and waiting for Christmas.  I wish I could adequately explain what it is like to wait for a book to be published.  It’s like waiting to be cleared for escrow; waiting to save up for a car; waiting to take that dream vacation.  There’s anticipation, longing, daydreaming, preparing, and a little flutter in your heart at the thought.  Mostly, there’s anxiety, and I have to wonder if the mainstream big-names have this same anxiety for every book, or was it just the first?

     I can say it’s like finishing nursing school then training then being put on my own.  i was so nervous with my very first patient, but it was exciting, too.  I wanted everything to be perfect, just like with the book.  Of course, now, I am hit with a new roadblock, because nothing could ever be a soft path: I am no longer on state disability after the end of January, and not only do I now have to start looking for work, but I will have to stop writing full time, which is what I have done the past year.  It is saddens me to have to put my passion on the backburner to keep up with the needs of my life and the life of my family. Not that taking care of my family saddens me, its the part that I have to stop writing or give up a great majority of my writing time to do it.  It’s like losing a love.

     Well, until that day actually comes, I will pour my heart and soul into book #3 or the revision of, “Be Still.”  I also received a one year free membership to some website which holds seminars for writers, and gives me some tools to track my progression.  It’s part of my publishing package.  I haven’t had a chance to really go through it, but it’s a nice edition.  So far my evaluation of iuniverse is still right up there.  They have been great in answering questions, keeping me updated, and being excited with me.  I believe for the price of the package, you get more than you are paying for.  I have self-published through Bookemon, which was easy to do, but it was just what it advertised: self published.  You upload the manuscript, do your own cover, hope you did the tabs correct, and publish.  You purchase each book you want, and must do all the work after that yourself.  Now, I would recommend Bookemon if all you were going to do was create a book for family and friends.  They do nothing beyond create a print-on-demand book for you.  Not a bad gig for the right reason.  However, payin for the Iuniverse package is well worth it, even if only for the review, cover copy, and adaptation into e-book versions and placement on most major bookstore websites, along with other perks depending on the package.  I say go for it!

     I was told today by my ex-husband (we are cordial) that I should follow my dreams.  My response, someday I would like to live my dreams.  My dream would be to write full time and be able to live comfortably.  I’m not looking for wealth, just a comfortable lifestyle, where I could send my kids to college and pay all my bills without juggling the money.  I’ve told most my friends that when the book comes out I am sending them all a publicity care package of things to distribute to family and friends.  I’m recruting, too, so if you want to do some publicity let me know, I’ll send you a care package, too.  😉  Serious offer despite winky emotican.  My goal is to sell 500 books, at least that is my happiness goal.  My elated goal is to sell 1,000.  And my bucket list goal is to be on New York Times Best Sellers list.  It’s good to have goals.

     My food for thought for today is: set goals, even small ones.  Baby steps.  But always have a goal after that one.  When you always have something to strive for, then you are always in motion, always pushing forward and never stagnant in life.  you’ll be better for it.


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