Find your niche

     I received news today that my loan was approved at 11.99% interest rate over 36 months through my credit union.  In some ways it is better than using my credit card in that it will be paid off in three years.  However, putting that same amount in my credit card will only yield a monthly payment of $100, significantly lower than the credit union.  But that has faults too, because making a minimum payment will mean I’m paying for 20 yrs and will end up paying double by the end of the term.  BUT, I get my cash bonus on the card which will return me $180 at the end of the year, which is a payment to the card.  Whatever, I went with the loan in the end and plan to pay it off in two years anyway, if not sooner.  I figure whatever royalty I make on my book will go straight toward the payment, and fingers crossed that I might just make enough to stipend the loan.  Fingers crossed very tight, losing blood circulation, nail bed looking kinda blue.

     I was also informed, not by a real tax person, but thinks he is, that if I generate revenue from book sales that I can consider myself self-employed or a consultant or something, and that I can write off many things I spend on promoting my book.  This is awesome, and I made an appointment to speak with my tax consultant tomorrow in this matter.  if this is the case then I will hold off paying for the developmental edit until January 1st, because I have too many write offs already this year as it is.  We’ll see, but that would be terrific if it is indeed true.

     So I spent last night updating my LinkedIn account and joined a few groups for nurses and writers.  I laughed because there are a few right-wing writers who have strong opinions on self-publishing.  They aren’t my opinions and I made no response because I would have to climb my skyscraper of an ivory tower to give my opinion, which is the exact opposite.  Some people say you should write for the accomplishment of writing, and I whole-heartedly agree.  To start and a finish a book is a wonderful and self-fulfilling achievement not to be frowned upon.  But the other part of that idea was that if you self publish it shouldn’t be through a third-party firm such as iuniverse or Xlibris.  The words double dipped were thrown around.  My opinion: I am getting more from using a third-party than I could ever get on my own, because I don’t have the time, knowledge, skills, and connections the third-party does.  Case and point: I write.  I am a much better writer than I am public speaker, so having to do PR and marketing just aren’t my forte.  Not that I couldn’t do it to some degree, but hey, I’ve seen surgeries and aided in procedures, it doesn’t mean I am qualified to do them.  Then they say, painters and sculptors do their work even if they never sell a piece of work.  And to that I say: I will continue writing even if I never sell a book, BUT wouldn’t it be a grand notion if I could be paid to do what I love.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if a painter or sculptor sold their work so they could quit their day job and only paint/sculpt.  That is not selling out! It is called making a living doing what you love to do, and I wish that for everyone whether it be writing, painting, building houses, cutting hair, or teaching calculus.

     We all have a niche.  Everybody has some calling.  Mine is writing and nursing; it is not marketing or public relations.  I will gladly pay the middle man to do that for me, because it is their niche and they have the contacts.  Not to mention, I do not want to spend all of my time caught up marketing, advertising, and relations.  I want to use my time to write my next bestseller.  Is this wrong? I mean, I would love to do signings and even speaking at high schools to motivate other young aspiring writers, but to spend two years in marketing? Wow.  I am not independently wealthy and have to work at some point so when will I market? See, you all got me in my ivory tower that balances precariously on my soapbox.   (taking a deep breath)

     Okay … so I have my funding and January 1st will send it in and begin the process.  Until then I have decided to go ahead and start on my next book because my characters are reeking havoc in my brain.  They won’t stop talking, it’s maddening, so I have to get the words out on paper.  I am also proud to be a self-publisher even if i am using a middle man.  And I am thrilled to be pursuing my dreams.  Find your dream and follow it, even if you don’t get paid or recognized publicly.  Chances are there is someone in your life who will be proud of you, and if there isn’t anybody then shoot me a message and I will give you an, “atta boy/girl.” Find your niche, pursue your dream…it was given to you for a reason so don’t waste it.

Thank you for following my blog.


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