Advertising in my book

     Today has been an insane day, between juggling the swapping of kids, and trying to locate my brother, I am exhausted.  I had an indepth conversation with my boyfirend about how to pay for this publishing thing.  We have one credit card left-living in California has some pitfalls, money matters is one of them-and that card might have enough to pay for this editing I have to go through.  This card is one of the highest interest rate cards I have, this is why it is empty. at 24.99%, by the time I pay this card my publsihing deal would have cost nearly twice as much.  Of course it is all worth it if i’m one of those lucky few who make it big, but what if i don’t? Then I put my family deeper into debt, which is something I haven’t been in since my early twenties.  I’ve prided myself on my clean credit record and A+, credit rating. Heck I was an 801 back in January of this year, but after the divorce and a major dispute with a huge timeshare, my credit dropped to 645. Wow! In january the timeshare asked if i wanted to buy an island, last month my BofA card dropped my credit limit.  What a diffierence a year makes, right? For the most part it was paying out for crooked attorneys that burst the finance bubble, that combined with no overtime made for a red numbers year.

     The best I can hope for is to be fired when I return to work. Sounds strange, huh? But the truth is, being fired will save my behind.  I can collect my 401K, which is quickly dwindling due to the powers that be (already lost $3k this year  alone), and I can pay my credit cards and be back in the black. I won’t come out ahead, but i’d rather be at a zero bottom line than a negative.  As for retirment, well … what good is money when the dollar dies? Ok, so I still have lots of years to rebuild that retirement nest egg.

     Back to the topic at hand: to debt or not to debt? I’m still contemplating. I tried my hand at a one chapter rewrite and although it is possible, it is very hard, and i think i’m missing some concenpts.  Having this help would be a great service for my future writting.  I’m trying to think of it as a crash course in writing.  I mean that was the cost of one year in college, so i can’t complain.  Okay, so i am going to look into grants, but I had an insane epiphany, too: adevrtising in my book. I mean is that a sell-out? Is it even possible. I mention a Coca-Cola product inmy book, in good review and nature, so is it feesble to get Coke to sponsor the book, maybe have a small ad on the last page? Magazines do it all the time, right? Is it worth Coca-Cola paying, say $4k to put an ad in a book that can potentially reach millions (dream big, right), and will remain in that book unless the page or book is destroyed.  Any takers? Anyone want to place an ad in my book? I think it could work.


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