An important phone call

     Okay, so I received an email from a new editorial consultant today and he asked for an interview time.  We spoke earlier this afternoon for upwards of an hour.  We discussed my editorial evaluation and questions I had.  He reviewed all the comments and told me, “I nailed it.” Wow, how exciting. I did my happy dance all over the bedroom.  He told me he had never seen such a wonderful evaluation and I should be proud, which i am.  We discussed point of view and how I needed to work on it.  He gave me real examples of how to use POV and include setting subtleties.  It all makes sense now, but still difficult to put into action. I am not ashamed to say I need a professional. But again, that professional is more than I can afford.

     So this editor gve me some ideas to bypass going through the expense of paying for developmental editing.  I could try and do my own revise, but should first research POV and examples.  I could do line editing and turn in the manuscript like that.  I could get an outside opinion and see if i can find somethin cheaper.  Of course, I’m not excited about any of those options.  After being told I was a great wtiter with great potential, I want to push my limits with regards to the book. He said my novel had all the makings to become great book, and would even suggest I enter contests IF i get the proper work done first.

     Everything sounded so remarkable, I wondered what the catch was. I figured it must be Iuniverse pushing to edit so they make another buck off of me.  The consultant told me that Iuniverse outsources editors.  They hire editors to do these jobs and are not on the iuniverse payroll.  He says iuniverse makes money when a book sells, that is where they turn a profit.  Okay, so I’m listening.  I was given more amazing informtion: my book is nominated for Editor’s Choice, BUT it must be up to par for traditional printing standards to actually receive it.  If I make Editor’s Choice I will receive some support to market it, and if I sell more than 500 books, I move up for greater recognition and greater support.

     Okay, I’m sold! Let me sell the house, the car, the dogs, cats, and turtle.  Let’s do this! Oh, right, I don’t have the money. Darn.  So,when I said I really wanted move on but money was holding me back, the consultant said Iuniverse will cover 20% of the costs to go through development if I was willing to put the time into it.  The process can take four months the goes into content editing and quality review, so add a few more months.  The goal: publish an amazing book and enter contests to build fan base and promotion, get my name out there, make a profit for me, and turn a profit for iuniverse.  So, the offer on the table is, $1100 to bring down my cost to aprox $4400.  I love the idea, now the boyfriend will have to work everyday to make my dream a reality if we choose to pursue this.

     I am in deep thought.  I have confered with friends and family, all who tell me to see my dreams and push to the fullest potential.  I am scared.  This is so much to invest on a possibility.  But what if I pass it by and I was supposed to be the next big thing? Nothing about this decision is easy.  How I wish I was rich.


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