Editorial Review

I have been on pins and needles waiting for my review.  I have thought the worst, assumed worse than that, and felt plain awful, sitting in miserable anticipation.  For over a week i have paced my room, reread my book, and judged my writing on a strict fallacy of notions.  While at Barnes and Noble yesterday (perusing books on Marketing), I received an email saying my review was complete.  On a sad note, it wouldn’t download to my phone, so I had to wait three hours before getting home to read it.  I was nauseated with the anticipation.  After picking my son up from school, I ran my motherly errands then drove home.  I shluffed off my dinner making priorities and handed the kids a bag of bread and lunch meats then ran to read my review.
First off, I love how the editorial review is done.  They have a list of questions to be answered in different categories.  First they cover if the title is relevant to the story, and not only do they answer that, but they also quote areas from the book that are relevant.  They review the concept, the plot, characters, communication, location, technique, genre, and so many other points.  I am pleased to announce that I passed most of these with flying colors.  In fact, I was near tears when I read some of the comments.  I can’t express just how exciting and endearing it is to read a good review from a “real” editor.  I have waited my entire life to read that.
Was it all good? Not exactly.  I seem to lack in the field of getting into the correct point of view (POV), something I don’t remember learning in school.  Yet, in the back of my mind I always knew POV was important.  Okay, my rational was that when you read you want to know what every character is feeling, right? Not true.  When a person reads, they want to feel connected to the character and be able to embed themselves into the emotions of a character … not every character.  Of course, POV can change from scene to scene or chapter to chapter.  The point being, when you read about the arguement at the diner, you want to only be in one person’s perspective so you can feel what they feel and bond with that character.  Sounds easier said than done on my end.  But, i understand what the editor means and it does make complete sense.  I tried doing that in a new chapter of a new book I am working on, and I have to say …. it’s so hard to break life long habits.
This morning I received another email from my personal editorial consultant saying he would like to set up an appointment to speak with me regarding my review.  It’s a question and answer thing, and of course, I have a million questions.  Too bad I also have a hideous sore throat.  The suggestion for me is to go through a developmental editing process where POV can be honed in on, then it will move to content editing and quality review.  The entire process will take about three months, and that doesn’t include my time to make the changes.  So my hopes for an April release might be a bit romantic, especially when I go back to full time work next month. Yikes! The cost for my lack of POV ethics is a whopping, $5,500.oo, give or take a few hundred.  Ouch! After my hectic year of lawyers (I had four), my bank account is down to red numbers.  I really want to pursue this process, but I’m afraid I may have hit a financial brick wall.  My future is grossly impeded by lack of funding.
Everyone is telling me to find a way to come up with the money, but I can’t think of one way to do that.  Oh, and did I mention if I work through this bump I may be up for an Editor’s Choice recognition. Yeah, that is something pretty sweet and not to be scoffed at.  My first independent book can receive some kind of recognition and sets me up for future recognition, too. I mean, it is worth paying the cost to bring this novel to the brink of perfection it deserves in my opnion, but getting this work out there will cost me over $8,000 when all is said and done.  That means, if i profit $2.00 per book, in order to break even I would have to sell 16,000 books.  According to iuniverse the average book sold in 2010 was 1,000 copies.  I’m sure Patterson, Grisham, and Nicholas killed the Bell Curve, so the average among us novice writers is far less than 1,000.  Wow! I hate thinking in logic sometimes.  But, Editor’s Choice!!! I want this badly, and not so much for the public recognition as much as for the thought of knowing people outside my home (the people who have to say it’s good) think my work is note worthy. Anybody who has ever held onto a manuscript to avoid public condemnation, in way of a critique, knows exactly what I am talking about.
All in all, if I had the money to spend, I would.  I guess I have all the time in the world to come up with it though.  Since this is an independent publishing house, I am in charge of my destiny, which means things move forward when I say they do.  That means this book can be in perpetual limbo for years, but I sincerely hope that isn’t the case.  Anyone want to donate to a good cause please send money to my Paypal account.  I wonder if that would really work?
So to continue with my review of the Iuniverse process: I give them two empowering thumbs up.  They are very effecient and friendly.  I have to say they are on top of things so far, and offer the tools needed to make things run smoothly.  I half anticipated they would ge my book, say okay here’s some areas to work, and push it through because they have no vested interest or they were a scam. I thought the review might read like this, “it’s a good book.  Get more into character.  Suggest some editing fo grammar.”  What I received was the exact opposite.  The review was indepth and full of feeling as well as informative.  I received a top notch review, which alone was worth the price of the package I paid for.  Cudos to iuniverse, you guys have really lived up to the standards you speak of.  I know I am at the beginning of the process, but so far this is a compay I would strongly suggest using.  More to come as I get there.


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