Waiting for review

      I haven’t written for a while for two reasons: first, I’ve been working to finish the book, “Be Still.”  Second, my family has faced an entire year of turmoil on so many levels, people ask why we haven’t gone insane.  I’d have to say to the second thing; we haven’t lost it, because family is all we have, and what we do have is very strong and supportive.  Come what may, I know we aren’t perfect, but we give each other strength to push past our faults and get passed the hard times.  There are many great things the year 2011 has brought, unfortunatley, those good time will be overshadowed by the difficult ones. I would, however, like to thank my family and friends for giving me the insipiration to continue with my writing, that has been much of my therapy.
     Sooooo, back to the books.  First off, I finished in third for the overall votes in the Bookemon.com Book of the Year contest, but I did not win the editor’s choice.  I’m not offended in the least, and took that in stride, because I received so many fantastic reviews from friends and a few people I didn’t know.  It was quite the experience trying to rally those vote. 
     In September, my external hard drive crashed, losing the first eleven chapters of my latest novel.  Despite much effort, those file were forever lost(oh, and I didn’t want to pay $1200 to recover it), so I rewrote the chapters.  On a good note, while doing that I stumbled on a new independent publishing site called, “Iuniverse.” Go look it up.  My blog will now follow my process through this new experience.  As soon as i sent for more info in Nov, I was sent an email and called that day.  I then received a follow up call two days later.  When I had more questions, someone answered right away and helped me through the process.  It did cost a chunk of change, and I will tell you in a few months if it was all worth it.  But, I’m hopefull, and so far they have lived up to everything they have promised.
     The most fun I’ve had with this is taking a professional picture for my cover.  My ex-neighbors, who moved to Utah, came all the way back to California to professionally take my picture. Okay, they did come visit their son who is still in CA, but I get the feeling it was mostly for me.  Just kidding, Trenkas, but thank you for making the trip.  I had a blast converting my boring livingroom into a photography studio.  So if you get the book, that picture of me is in front of my actual bookshelf at home.  After looking through some of David’s photo we also came across a great cover picture for the book.  So all pictures were by David Trenka, an awesome photographer.
     More fun I’ve had has been in purchasing marketing materials.  VistaPrint has great deals and I was able to get in on the black friday deal which was great.  I loved diving into all my merchandise when the box came.  It was like an early Christmas.  My mom and boyfriend went through everything, and, for once, I felt like I was making the right decision to self publish with Iuniverse.  It is very exciting.
     Are there bad or stressful points? OF COURSE! I received an email telling me how to react when I receive my editorial evalutaion … I wasn’t nervous until I read it.  I’m certain it’s a generic email, but I can’t help but feel like it is aimed toward me personally, like they are trying to cushion me for the blow when the editor says, “the best thing to do is burn the story and start over.” Yikes.  I saved th email and read it about ten times.  I keep telling myself, it’s only giving pointers.  Geesh,how will I react when I get my review.  I’ve decided to read it when I’m home alone and can run to a corner and cry out loud. 
     The other hard part is the finances.  Unlike a traditional publishing house, I had to pay for these services, but I got in on a deal and that softened the blow to my pocket book.  Truth is, for the amount of work they do, it is a reasonable price, but i’m currently on state disability (anxiety, stress…refer back to the crappy year i’ve had) so my income is limited.  Now maybe I become some break out, world renowned author and make millions (that would be awesome), but chances are that’s not how it happens, but I can dream.  The other hard part is being my own PR person.  Hey, book people? I write, I don’t speak.  So, I’m in need of a great seller, until I find one …
     Here is a list of what my goals are:
1. Get my name out there
2. Get my name out there
3. Get my name out there
4. Sell at least 100 books to people I don’t know
5. Have at least one book signing (Queen for a day, kinda thing)

     Thanks for reading my blog.  I’ll write more as I learn more.


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