Manuscript sent

     Those people following this blog, I am writing about my journey into the world of independent publishing.  The publishing company I am using is iuniverse, and this is my story …

     Today I finished my manuscript to the best of my abilities.  Okay, okay. I finished it yesterday, but i’m so nervous about this entire thing.  I guess I’m more nervous about reading the review.  I keep thinking the person reading it is going to fall over laughing (ROTFLMAO).  So, when everywhere was gone for the day and I was all alone, I sent in my manuscript and pictures.  Sending in the manuscript took a few secons, it was a quick upload.  I hit a snag trying to send the pics though.  Hotmail sid the files were too large so I had to use skydrive, which is new to me, but even that took forever. I blame my slow connection server, however.

    When everything was sent, after chewing my nails downto nubs, I received an automatic response from the woman who is my consultant, “I am out of the office.” Are you serious???? I finally worked the nerve to send in a piece of my soul and she had the audacity to be out of the office? Okay, well, it is the holidays, and granted I also sent it in at near midnight, but it made me emotionally upset to see that my manuscript would be tied up in email until she returned in four days.  I took a very cold shower to calm my nerves.

     How do I feel? my boyfriend asked.  Answer: like someone removed my vital organs and is bashing them with a rusty, metal mallet! If you have never experienced the pain of submitting a manuscript I can only compare it to having to write an oral report, then present the report to a group of people who speacilize in the topic.  It sucks! I’m not sure that anyone really enjoys handing in a manuscript, but i’m sure there is some sadist who does.  No offense to sadists.  Now, to sit and wait … and wait … and wait … and wait.  I’m gonna be sick.


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