Picture Day

     One of the things I will need for my book is an author photograph.  I never really thought aout it before, but my picture is going to be in the house’s of people I may not know … wow! I asked my facebook friends if anyone knew a good photographer to take my picture and that photographer would get photo credit in my book.  I received a few responses, the one that stood out most was from my ex-neighbor who moved to Utah who said they would love to do the picture. So the wheels were in motion, and today Dave showed up to my house to do a photo shoot.

     At nearly four pm my livingroom was transformed into a professional studio.  We took three dozen pictures then picked out the best one: no spare chin, no gray hairs, and no shiny cheeks (those were my only rules).  He did a bang up job, so now I have the photo for the back of my book.  We then browsed his other pictures, which he is amazing at taking, and came upon the pierfect picture for my cover.  It is amazing too, because I have spent three days browsing royalty free pictures, nearly a thousand of them, but the one I loved most was on David’s computer. 

    David is going to change some colors, make some enhancements, and email me th finished product.  I am giddy with excitement at this point.  I feel like everything is coming together.  All I have to do is finish my rewrite of the lost chapters.

     By the way, included with my package is a cover copy polish, where my book cover will be edited to look  professional.  I get softcover and hardcover books, so now I have to write my tag line and summary as well as a bio.  I hate bio’s.


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