Bought a publishing package

     Looking through the Iunivers website is amazing.  They offer so much from small packages to large packages, and their add-ons are innumerous.  This month they had a special where you can buy a package and upgrade to the next higher one, plus ifyou got in early there were special add on bonuses.  I sent in for more information and received an email within the hour and then a follow up phone up call.  I explained what I wanted and she pointed out thebest package for me.

     Okay, now i’ve worked in sales and worked to earn commission, and thing I could honestly say is, I never sold a big product simply for the money.  I sold what people needed in hopes that they would tll their friends and be repeatcustomers.  THIS WORKED.  I am pleased that the woman I spoke with did the very same thing.  She said if I was only looking to make a top end book for some family and friends to go with the small package, but if I was looking to sell to bookstores and get my name out there then something in the middle would work.  The higher the package the more add-ons theres are to it, but the important, standard stuff starts in the middle.  After much deliberation, looking at my credit cards, paying bills, projecting a new budget for 2012, seeing where I could save some pennies, I decided to get the second largest package (remember the free upgrade), which also came with a media publsihing announcement.  I was stoked.

     My next step is to finish the book, and because my hard drive will not be recovered, I must rewrite eleven chapters.  I thoughtI would send this in by end of November, but that is not likely.  The good thing about this rewrite, is that I get to go back and focus on elemnts I had been missing.  It’s better the second time around.

     Okay, my first interaction with Iuniverse has been great.  I hope they can keep up the momentum.


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